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Basic French Course

Learn French with one-to-one online classes. You will have a teacher who will coordinate your course and you will also have access to our team of native speakers for speaking activities. We want to offer you a dynamic course and the chance to get used to different accents. If you are an absolute beginner, we recommend to start with two classes a week.

  • Initial interview

    Let's talk! Before starting your course, we want to understand your goals and tell you how we like to work.
  • Online classes in a didactic learning environment

    Besides using Skype to communicate, we use an online whiteboard in which teacher and learner can interact

Single class

CA$ 60

4 classes

CA$ 184

8 classes

CA$ 336

French Speaking Practice (Intermediate)

You have already studied French but you don’t feel confident enough to speak? You just need some practice! The idea of this course is to offer real speaking experiences that will help you gain fluency and confidence. Your tutor will identify your strengths and weaknesses and design lessons and speaking activities according to your needs. Besides having a main tutor, you will have access to our team of native speakers for your speaking activities.

This course is also a good choice if you want to prepare yourself for a trip, an interview or an exam. All lessons are online.

  • Tailored to your needs

    Before starting your course, let's talk! We want to understand your goals and needs so that we can prepare the right course for you
  • Different accents

    Having the opportunity to talk to different teachers will help you improve your listening skills and get used to different accents

Single class

CA$ 48

4 classes

CA$ 168

8 classes

CA$ 304

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