Hi! I'm Thaís, English and French tutor and founder of Influency. Welcome to our website!
  • 1.Why study at Influency?

    At Influency, you have a tutor that plans your course according to your goals and you also you have the opportunity to take private speaking classes with different teachers. We like that mix because you have both the special care of a tutor, but you also have the chance to practice the language with other people, get used to different accents and take part in exciting encounters.

  • 2.How does the online class work?

    Our classes are online and individual. We have live audio and video using Skype. All you need is a computer with webcam and a stable Internet connection. We also use an online whiteboard very easy to access which makes our class more interactive and didactic.

  • 3.I want to study at Influency! What should I do?

    Great! First, reach out and let us know which language you want to study and why. If you have a busy schedule, please let us know the day and time that suits you better. Before the beginning of your course, we will arrange a Skype call. We want to talk to you, to tell you how we work and we want to know how you would like to study. If we are the choice for you, you can book your first class at the end of this initial interview.

  • 4.How long are the classes?

    We usually work with 1-hour lessons and 45-minute speaking sessions. If you want to have long classes, reach out and we will try to meet your needs.