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Private classes designed according to the needs and level of each learner. Influency offers courses for beginners and speaking courses designed for intermediate and advanced learners

Thaís Viveiro  |  Founder and French tutor

I'm a French tutor based in Montreal, Canada. I founded Influency in order to develop new ideas for language practice and offer exciting learning experiences. I like to explore the possibilities of the Internet both during and after classes and to encourage students to become independent learners.

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Why study at Influency?

At Influency, you have a tutor that plans your course according to your goals and you have the opportunity to take private speaking classes with native speakers. You have both the special care of a tutor and the chance to speak to different people during your course. All online!

How does the online class work?

Our classes are online and individual. All you need is a computer with webcam and a stable Internet connection. We also use an online whiteboard very easy to access which makes our class more interactive and didactic.

How long are the classes?

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What our students say

  • Thaís is super nice. She has an excellent way of teaching, using exercises, conversation and music. I had classes with her for two months to practise my English before travelling and she managed to prepare classes with exactly what I needed the most. I highly recommend her!

  • Teacher Thaís has an excellent method for teaching. She was very attentive, she understood  my difficulties in French and she worked focused on solving them. Besides, she uses interactive tools and resources to enhance learning experience both during and after classes.

  • Teacher Thaís is great! We learn English and French with her, both courses are really fun and very well-prepared. Besides the lessons, which she explains beautifully, there are the speaking activities with native speakers, which are an opportunity for us to get to know more about other cultures and practising all that we learn.