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French Speaking Practice (short course)

You have studied French for a while now but you dont’ feel confident enough to speak? You just need some practice! The idea of this course is to provide real speaking experiences that will help you gain fluency and confidence. You will practise your French  in speaking sessions with native speakers, organized by our course coordinator Thaís Viveiro, who will also keep track of your learning and your needs. This course is also a good choice if you want to prepare yourself for a trip, an interview or an exam. All classes are online. This course includes:

  • Initial interview

    A 30-minute conversation with your course coordinator for us to get to know your goals and difficulties
  • 3 speaking sessions with native speakers

    Individual speaking practices with native speakers. The topic and frame of each session are defined according to your goals. Each session lasts 45 minutes
  • Final class

    One 1-hour class with Thaís Viveiro. You are given feedback on your speaking skills in French and orientation to pursue your studies on your own. Also, you will have some revision on important points for you to improve your French

Basic French Course

Free trial class

Private classes for beginners or for those looking for a more solid base. We work on vocabulary, grammar, writing, listening and speaking. The duration of each class and the frequency are defined according to your goals and your schedule. This course includes:

  • A trial class

    A free class with your teacher so that you can have a feeling of our work and check if you like it. If you have studied French before, that's also a moment for us to assess your previous knowledge
  • Online classes in a didactic and easy learning environment

    Besides using Skype to communicate, we use an online whiteboard in which teacher and learner can interact
  • Speaking sessions with native speakers

    If you want more speaking practice, you can also have, as part of your course, conversation activities with native speakers. It's a great opportunity for you to practise what you learn in your regular classes and to get to know different people, cultures and accents
*Prices for 1-hour classes. Reach out for other options.
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